Friday, 3 August 2012

The Black Wensleydale on the High Weald

Meet the new members of our flock.  They have arrived and am happy to say that they are not only beautiful but come from amazing stock. This is not achieved easily and without hard work.  I am very lucky to own this rare breed and colour. 

They have settled in very nicely and already know what to do to get what they want!

Our handsome ram is strong, healthy and, as they all do, has  a luxurious fleece.  I aim to breed from them and perhaps cross breed a few to see what benefits this can bring.  All the ewes are of pedigree standard and are registered with the Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Breeders Association.  I intend to shear them twice a year because of the benefits this brings to their health, welfare and the advantanges it has during lambing time. 

I want to thank all the Wensleydale owners that I have met; who have encouraged me, and readily offered their help and advice.  For me, their experience is invaluable and the generosity with which Wensleydale owners and breeders have shared their knowledge and expertise has to be acknowledged and is the reason we still have this breed today.   The Wensleydales have been on the brink and they are here with us because of them

Enjoy the pictures of some of these wonderful sheep and their fleeces.


  1. Hi Rosa, they seem to love it in your field! The one in the last photo is looking very regal and has some serious wool on him/her. Hope you're having a relaxing holiday.

    1. Ive had a fantastic holiday. They are very generous and I have sent to the mill about 40 kilos of beautiful black Wensleydale Wool for processing. No made up my mind what to ask for though!


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